What we do

Hight profitability, short returns, easy disinvestment

A unique formula

We create specific Development Vehicles for Hotels and All Inclusive Resorts all over the world. Uniting and coordinating in the same Project:

  • The best locations
  • The most committed Banks with tourist sector
  • The most active investors in the hotel sector
  • The best International Hotel Operators
  • The best team of professionals in projection, execution and construction in the Hotel sector in each of their countries


A unique formula that guarantees our shareholders:

  • High Profitability
  • Short Returns
  • Easy divestments
  • Investment Security

More than 1.000 hotels executed all over the world


Experts in this sector and with more than 1,000 executed projects, Formula & Partners is a world leader in hotel development.

Projects in progress total investment
850 Mill USD
Necessary capital contribution for ongoing projects
228 Mill USD
Number of rooms